Little Ways To Get Yourself Motivated For The Day

As much as I like to think I spring out of bed every day ready to take on the world, I don't. Especially now it's so dark in the morning all I want to do is hide in my duvet and pretend that I don't be to be an adult that day. I'm sure that is a feeling that we're all familiar with so here are a few of my favourite ways to get motivated for the day ahead. 

  1. Writing your to-do list the night before. 
  2. Not consuming information the second you wake up.
  3. A good breakfast.
  4. Having a couple of hours in the morning to get yourself prepared and ready for the day ahead.  
  5. 10 minutes of yoga. 
  6. Listen to an awesome podcast. 
  7. Creating your own work before you consume everyone else's. 
  8. Surrounding yourself by quotes, as cheesy as they might be they can really work. 
  9. Pretty stationery. 
  10. A good playlist that motivates you, Celine Dion is a personal favourite. 
  11. Lists, lists and more lists. 
  12. Getting dressed, even if it is a pair of sweatpants they still count as clothes. 
  13. A workspace that makes you want to work [see this post].
  14. Blocking yourself from the internet, there a couple of apps you can do this with.

What are your favourite ways to get motivated?

R x

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