Little Ways To Treat Yo'Self Without Spending A Fortune


The term treat yo'self is one of my favourites and not just because it's from one of my most loved tv shows Parks & Recreation. Because I truly believe that everyone should treat themselves to something, no matter what it is whether it's an expensive bag, a decadent chocolate bar or a bath. And since it's Sunday there no better day to treat yourself and here are some of my favourite things to do that don't cost a fortune.



The first rule of treating yourself is leaving the guilt behind and not telling yourself things like;

  • I don't deserve this.
  • I've got things to do. 
  • People have it so much worse than me.
  • I'm selfish.

I'm a big advocate of taking the time if you're able to and doing it without an ounce of guilt weighing you down. Every single human needs to take time away to reset as being constantly busy doesn't do anybody any good. And you don't have to take extravagant weekends away, it can even just be a few hours but it always does us the world of good. 


I try and scatter out my beauty rituals out over the week as I don't always have the time to set hours aside to get them all done at once. But if I ever am able to it is undoubtedly one of my favourite things to do and I do absolutely everything. My first port of call is always my skin so I'll start with removing everything and having a thorough cleanse with whatever cleanser I'm using at the time. If I'm going all out then I will always give my skin a quick exfoliation too as even though I use chemical exfoliants daily sometimes you can't beat a good scrub. There is something so satisfying about feeling like you're really getting all the dirt and grime off your complexion. Finally, for skin, I will always go in with a mask of some sort and if I'm feeling fancy then it will be a 3 mask affair rather than just one but that's a rarity nowadays. Thankfully there are a lot of masks out there that can do a number of things at once like brightening, cleansing and hydrating. Right now I'm into the Antipodes Halo Mask* and the Ren Overnight Treatment mask*, both leave me with such a good glow afterwards without drying out my skin at all. 


Even though hair washing isn't exactly something that I look forward to I cannot deny how good it makes me feel afterwards. So of course, that is always a step in my pamper routine and being an honorary blonde it gives me a chance to tone my hair properly. After all the in bath pamper process is done and my limbs have been thoroughly moisturised then my final step is a manicure. There is something so sacred to me about painting my nails and taking that hour out of my day to push my cuticles back and slick on my shade of choice. It makes me feel polished and ready to take on the world.



If you're a reader and a lover of literature then you will know just how special the process is of finding a new book to read and then getting to open the first pages. Or choosing whether to crack the spine or not, always a topical conversation between book lovers, personally I'm a cracker. So often I just order all my books from Amazon but then it takes away that sacred feeling of going to a bookshop and picking something up and taking it home. For me, no matter how my week has been it can always be made a little better with the prospect of reading a new book.


The feeling of fresh sheets and shaved legs is a feeling that is so good that it cannot be described. So whenever I shave my legs I always make sure I've got fresh sheets on to have that euphoric feeling of climbing into bed and in general, the feeling of fresh linen is wonderful. If you were really feeling like treating yourself then, of course, picking up an entirely new bed set is something that is very exciting but otherwise just freshly washed sheets will work a treat. Completely free and all you have to do is take the time to put them on, which with kingsize sheets might as well count as a workout.


Something that I rarely hear anybody say is that they aren't doing anything, they have 0 plans and don't have anything to tick off their to-do list. Of course, there are always things that we need to do and something that needs our attention but that doesn't mean we have to give into them. And doing nothing doesn't mean you have to sit and stare into space it's more time to do whatever you please, that could be binge-watching that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson collab or GBBO or catching up with your favourite blogs.