Long Lasting, But Not Lacklustre

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One of the biggest dilemmas that us beauty lovers face when summer eventually rolls around is creating a base that is long lasting, but isn't lacklustre. All too often I've spent my morning carefully applying my base to perfection only to step out in the blistering British heat and to see my hard work melt away with minutes. Matte bases aren't for me, I've never found one that doesn't suck all the life out of my skin. So, I tend to go for something illuminating, but I still need it to withstand the heat and I found a few formulations that do just that. 


The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer* isn't my favourite, but it still does a good job when you need it to. It's a lightweight gel consistency that brings a lot of life to a dull complexion. If you're typically more oily then this won't be strong enough for you so something like the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch* might. This might not offer a huge increase in longevity but does create a smooth canvas that is incredibly hydrating and it keeps you looking radiant all day. 


YSL bring it in the base game, they are by far my favourite when it comes to a luxe foundation. Of course, they are incredibly expensive, but you can find great deals on high-end brands at Feel Unique*. With the chance to receive even more off using a code from VouchaCodes.co.uk*. Everything from the packaging to the product inside is equally as dreamy. The Youth Liberator Foundation won my affection last year and each time I apply it I'm reminded of just how beautiful it is. It's a gel formulation that leaves a satin glow to the skin but has the lasting power to challenge most matte offerings. Powders a key part of a long lasting base and the MAC MSF Natural provides one of the most natural results that I've ever seen. Even with touch ups you don't run the risk of the dreaded cake face.


Blush is something that is either the first thing to fade on my skin or the last. So to avoid looking completely dead-pan. I've found a mix of two products for the perfect pink flush that has a hint of sheen with the lasting power of a powder. The Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium is my go-to cheek companion in S/S. The formulation is so creamy and beautiful and adds the perfect amount sheen to the cheek without looking wet. I've found by setting this into place with the Tarte Exposed Amazonian Clay Blush not only creates the perfect shade but one that some serious longevity. 


For years, I wore really cheap eyeshadows and in combination with oily eyelids it was a one-way ticket to crease city. It's not a good look and not a place that I would recommend a visit to. Discovering better quality eyeshadows in combination with an eye primer changed my eye makeups life. The Too Faced Champagne Shadow Insurance is something that only made its way into my life recently and I hope it never leaves. It's the most beautiful eye base I've ever found, it creates a slightly tacky canvas for your shadow to adhere to. The shade is pretty enough to be worn alone but in combination with a shadow it's champagne shade perfection. MAC are known for their incredible shadows and what you've heard is true, they're awesome. Two of my favourite shades are Naked Lunch and Shroom, NL is the perfect all over the lid shade and Shroom is an awesome inner corner highlight. 

What are your favourite long lasting radiant beauty products?

R x

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