Making Your Space Minimal But Personal

Minimal clean spaces are something that I'm a big fan of. You only need to take a glance at my interiors Pinterest board to see that. However, I'm not a fan of an environment that is so minimal that it feels clinical and sterile. So here are a few ways I've found to making my space feel homely whilst still maintaining the minimal aesthetic.  


The joy of having a white room is that you can add pieces that are a little more out there because the white canvas levels it out a little. Personally I think white makes for the best colour scheme but other shades like soft grey or even blush can work well too. 


I'm a sucker for cute little decorative pieces. Over the years, I've learnt that to keep things feeling clean that it's better to have decorative pieces that serve a function too. It stops areas feeling so cluttered if the items serve a purpose. One of my favourite things to use to add a little bit of personality to my space is books. For so long I hid my books away in shelves for them to only gather dust but why not get them out and display them proudly?


We all know how much I love cacti & succulents. Not only do they make for an awesome aesthetic but they add (literal) life to your space. Ever since I added plants into my room I noticed a difference in how I felt. There also fun to take care of, I used to be a plant killer but now I've even moved past the world of cacti onto bigger house plants. There's been numerous studies to show that having plants around improves the air quality in your room. So not only are the visually pleasing they also improve your health, what other reasoning could you need?


There are a few items that I need to keep, but they're not items I want on display. The space under your bed is the perfect place to keep these items. It's important to regularly clean this area though as it gets incredibly dusty. It's the perfect place to keep those hard to store items too, especially suitcases as you can store things inside of them. 


I'm a big fan of having art on my walls. I long for the day that I can create a huge gallery wall to display all the prints I've collected over the years. They're perfect for adding personality to white walls and to stop them looking so stark. 


Marble has made a real comeback in the last couple of the years. Not only is it stunning to look at but it's the perfect way to add colour into your space without being really obvious. Of course, it goes without saying, I cannot afford real marble. Who can? So I've cheated my way to achieving that luxe aesthetic. You can find marble contact paper in the majority of home stores. It's super simple to apply to any surface and is suprisingly durable. 

How do you like to make your space personal?

R x 

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