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Toner is the marmite product of the skincare world. You either love it or hate it. For years, I didn't understand the point of a toner, did I need it? Now, they're a crucial part of my skincare routine. Ever since I introduced the combination of an acidic toner followed up by something with hydrating properties I've noticed a huge difference in the condition of my complexion. So if you feel like I once did about toner then keep on reading!


Those two words are enough to make anybody cower in fear for their baby soft skin. If you're spot prone and have scarring I cannot recommend a toner of this variety enough. Containing either glycolic or salicylic acid they slowly slough away at any dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and healthier complexion. I use an acid toner everything single day, AM & PM. This routine is something that I've built up over the years so that my skin has become fully accustomed to it. If you're looking to incorporate this step into your routine it's vital to follow up with an SPF to make sure your skin is properly protected. My skin is much more responsive to a chemical exfoliant than a manual one which is great as it saves me from abrasively scrubbing at my skin and breaking down the delicate capillaries.


Some deem hydrating toners pointless, a fad product of the skincare world. Of course, some of them are glorified bottles of water and maybe I'm under some illusion that they work but I find they really do. I wouldn't go as far to say that I couldn't possibly go on without my second toning step, but I've found they help my complexion stay balanced. The more balanced my skin the less I find I'm prone to break outs. If I'm having a none makeup wearing day then I tend to keep a hydrating toner close by so if my skin starts to feel parched then I can spritz away and rehydrate. 

Are you a fan of toner?

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