March's Beauty & Style Uniform

Once I find something that I like. I tend to stick with it. So much so it becomes almost a uniform for me. So here is March's;


BRANDY MELVILLE T-SHIRTS: I'd always heard that Brandy Melville t-shirts we're something pretty special and they really are. I love a good t-shirt and I like them even more when they have a sweet little slogan. They're not that expensive, along the same price lines as Topshop. The quality, however, surpasses anything else that I've ever found for that reasonable price tag. They're soft, they wash well and they get even better the more that you wear them. 

PRIMARK CARDIGAN: Right now, it's not t-shirt weather in the UK. So to get me out of my thick heavy knits I've been layering my t-shirts with a grandad cardigan from Primark. I found it for a mere £5 and it was just what I'd been looking for. It's not something that is my usual style so I don't tend to wear out and about. But for keeping warm at home it's absolutely perfect. 

H&M BRALETTE: Here's a fun story for you. I'd not bought a 'real' bra for nearly 4 years until January. When I decided that enough was enough and I needed something supportive. On the days that I don't want to be anchored down and pushed up I still go for my beloved bralettes, though. I've always liked H&M lingerie because it's pretty affordable and washes well. This maroon coloured triangle bra is beautiful, it's a pull over too so you don't have to faff about with clasps which makes it even more comfortable. 


YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ELCAT: My beauty routine is somewhat being ruled by what needs using up in my stash. If you've been a long time reader of my beauty posts you will know how much I adore this foundation. It's one of the first lightweight bases that I ever really loved. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's like applying liquid light to your skin. So even when you're tired and seriously lacking in natural radiance this fakes it all for you. Even though it's so light it's easily built up on the skin to hide away any problem areas. 

KIKO HIGHLIGHTER*: In general, I don't really struggle that much with under eye darkness but lately, I have. My eye area has been looking so dull and lacklustre. And this new release from Kiko arrived just at the right time. In combination with my favourite concealer from Rimmel, it's been brightening up my sad skin a treat. It can also be used in other areas of the face too to add extra dimension. 

CLARINS OMBRE EYESHADOW*: I'm a sucker for a champagne eye look, we all know this. Whilst this shadow from Clarins isn't all that different it's more cool-toned and almost taupe which is incredibly flattering against green eyes. I love the soft buttery formula of these shadows as they are creamy upon application but settle down to a long lasting powder finish. You can really build up the intensity too which is perfect when you want to make more of a statement. 

H&M ROSE UMBER NAIL POLISH: A dusky rose manicure has become my permanent uniform over the past year or so. I love how understated they are without going for a typical nude which isn't something I find all that flattering. The H&M nail polishes are surprisingly good for the price. They have a thick brush for a fool proof manicure and a long lasting formulation. I also like that they're slightly smaller so you can actually finish them before they go goopy and unusable. 

STELLA MCCARTNEY PERFUME: I've had this beautiful limited edition bottle of Stella for a good few years now. It's such a stunning scent and so distinctive. It's a mixture of amber and rose, which are two scents that I adore alone but when combined they're so much better. There isn't much else I can say about perfume really. It's a beautiful scent and it lasts all day. 

What will you be wearing this March?

R x

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