Little Ways To Really Boost Your Confidence

Being confident isn't something that comes naturally to everybody. Some of us have to really work hard to have the confidence to even do the most simple of things in life like making a phone call. So here are some small ways that you can give yourself a much-needed boost and work towards being a more confident person. 


We probably all have areas of our life where we really lack confidence. Or for some of us we might not feel confident at all in anything we do. Knowing where you need to boost yourself up is half the battle because you can then work on those areas extra hard and give them more attention. Also, if you know where you're struggling then it makes easier to talk about it with other people. You never know, they might be struggling with the exact same thing. 


One of my biggest fears used to be speaking up in front of people or talking in general. As a teenager, I was such a shy person that I would much rather sit in uncomfortable silence than dare speak up When I went to university I still struggled. It wasn't until I was interning that I realised that I was going to have to speak. I remember having to phone companies and brands and I had the sweatiest palms. But the more I did it the less scary it became. Now I'm pretty confident talking to people and getting over that fear always leads to pretty awesome conversations. 


Do you ever feel like we're living in a society where it's utterly shameful to look silly? I do. We're all so judgemental and strung up on constantly being right that we've forgotten the joy that is making mistakes and sometimes looking a bit silly. The amazing women that is Amy Poehler once said; 

"There is great power in looking silly and not caring that you do"

And it really is something so rare. It's amazing to see people who just don't care what other people think as long as they're keeping themselves happy. 


Confidence isn't something that you can work on once and hope for the best that it will magically be there from that point. It's something to work on every day and by doing that you can tackle it one step at a time so it becomes manageable. And it's hard to do, you have to make yourself feel uncomfortable in the moment to feel more comfortable in the long run. 


This is something that can be applied to every possible scenario in life. You've got to own what you're doing. Even if you feel nervous and unsure about what you're doing. The more confident you will become slowly and surely. Another great habit to adopt is fake it, fake it until you really do feel it on the inside.

Do you have any tips for confidence?

R x

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