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My obsession with podcasts is still going strong. They've completely changed the way that I work and do the not so exciting household chores and I've got a few more awesome podcasts to share with you today. 


This is in an incredibly popular podcast and there is good reason for that. I love the guests on The Lively Show as Jess talks to a lot of bloggers I look up to and she digs into some great topics with them. The issues covered on the show are some that I think are very much unspoken about the in the blogging and online world but they are incredibly important. I practically gushed all about the episode about being average in this post [read here]  which is something I highly recommend anybody to listening to. Whenever I've been writing blog posts lately I've been doing it to TLS and it's the perfect writing partner. 



I'd seen a couple of people recommend this podcast on Twitter so I was excited to check it out. I've mentioned in posts in the past that I really miss learning since graduating university. Even just being around others you can have your mind opened to so many things and I feel like this is what Stuff You Should Know has now become for me. My favourite episode that I've listened to so far is 'How To Donate Your Body To Science'. Some might think this is a slightly grim topic but I thought it was absolutely fascinating about the process of doing something so incredible for science. 


Another podcast I'd seen suggested on Twitter. What initially drew me to listen to this was that the first episode was with Louis Theroux. I've lost count of how many times I've watched his documentaries and I'm always thrilled when he releases something new. So it was awesome to hear him speak in a more casual and relaxed environment. Although I know little about the presenter I'm looking forward to listening to a few more episodes and understanding more about him. Next on my to listen list are the episodes with Caitlin Moran and Rob Brydon. 



I was super excited when I saw that Lena Dunham was teaming with Buzzfeed to create Women Of The Hour. Not only does it have Lena presenting the show but it features the amazing Emma Stone too. Although this is a relatively new podcast the epsiodes that have been produced already have been awesome, especially the one on friendships and the added bonus episode. Female friendships can be tricky and it can be hard to find one that works for both parties. It's not something that is ever spoken about in such honest way so it was incredibly refreshing. 

What podcasts do you love?

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