My Most Loved & Used Beauty Products Of All Time


Having a passion for beauty products and buying them willy-nilly with my own cash and then this online space allowing me to be part of the world of PR samples means I've sampled a lot of beauty products in the past 7 years. And that is one of the most brilliant things about PR samples, they can allow you to sample things you might not have come across before and without those samples, I would never have the taste in beauty that I do nowadays. I've been whittling down my stash quite a lot as I don't ever want things to go to waste and I've really narrowed it down to brands and products that I truly adore and get a lot of use from. So here are what I would consider my most loved products and brands of all time!



When I started to get into the world of high-end base products a brand that I almost immediately found myself gravitating towards and I've not looked back since is YSL. They are, of course, mostly known for their cult item Touche Elcat. A product that I do like but nothing compared to how much I love their foundations and primers. Products that no-one will be shocked to hear about but they are truly fantastic. 

  • YSL Le Teint Touché Eclat Foundation*: Probably the foundation that has received the most airtime on this blog, ever. It's a lightweight glow giving foundation that makes your complexion gleam like nothing else. It feels beautifully soft on the skin too which I love when I'm prone to breakouts. 
  • YSL Youth Liberator Foundation: This was my go-to foundation for a long time when I wanted something more full coverage and would without fail stay around all day. It's a gel formulation so very kind to combination complexions. 
  • YSL Touché Eclat Blur Primer*: If you hate anything with silicones then you will despise this but I love it. It makes my complexion feel silky smooth but my pores never feel clogged or like I'm using too much product. And even though there is glitter in the bottle I don't find it really transitions onto the skin. 


Can we all remember the excitement when you no longer had to buy Essie nail polishes online? I still get excited when I see the stand in Boots and ever since that sweet, sweet day I've rarely strayed from Essie. Their thick wide brush and opaque in a couple of coats shades makes giving yourself a great manicure an absolute breeze as being left-handed certainly works against me when it comes to the whole nail painting thing. They're always releasing beautiful new collections and their existing shade range is absolutely huge. My all-time favourites shades are;



My love for Jo Malone began in my final year in university. My sister took me to the large John Lewis on Oxford Street after taking a visit to my final year exhibition to pick a fragrance of my choice.  I went for White Jasmine & Mint which I believe is no longer around sadly but ever since that point I've been absolutely hooked on the brand. Whenever they launch something new I get excited and it's always a brand that makes me feel special. Which is exactly what a scent should do. Although it's hard to narrow down a favourite mine are;


I was incredibly loyal to the Real Techniques brushes which are a cult product amongst beauty bloggers for years. But when I received my first set of Zoeva makeup brushes and used them a few times I instantly knew that I more than likely use them for many years to come and I was right and 4 years later they're always in my brush rotation. The rose gold editions are my favourite just for the design and they've lasted beautifully. They're not only beautiful but dependable and clean up incredibly well, not once have I ever had to deal with hair all over my face thanks to a poorly designed brush. And they're synthetic, I'd rather steer clear of real hair in makeup brushes when possible. Standouts from the brand are;

  • 102 Silk Finish Brush: My most used face brush ever, works with any type of foundation and buffs and blends product seamlessly into the skin. 
  • 110 Face Shape Brush: A smaller version of the Silk Finish and absolutely perfect for concealing and really getting into the contours of the face. 
  • 104 Buffer Brush*: A flat topped version of the SF and works brilliantly with really full coverages to achieve a natural finish. 
  • 227 Luxe Soft Definer: Makes applying any type of eyeshadow an absolute dream. 


A brand that has really impressed me over the years is Stila and in the whole beauty world, I feel like it's pretty underrated. They don't do crazy wild releases and everything is quite minimal but classic products that work wonderfully. My favourites are of course the cheek products and they're a staple in my collection and will be for many years I'm sure, a few more details on my most loved items are;

  • Convertible Colour Cream Blush: I've had a couple of shades of these blushes and they are hands down the best cream formulation I've ever found. They add a pop of colour as well as a wonderful healthy gloss to the cheek and they're incredibly easy to use. 
  • All Over Shimmer Duo*: Now technically this is a cheek product but I use it all over the eyes. They're buttery soft powders that are easy to work with and stay put. 


When it comes to lip balm I'm in a very dedicated relationship with one brand and that is Fresh. I've had to actually stop writing about them on this blog because it was probably far too repetitive to talk about the shade Petal for the billionth time. They're expensive for lip balms, there is no denying that but they're so lovely to use and actually do what a lip balm is supposed to do. The tinted versions of these balms are more like a lipstick as they're so beautifully pigmented and stay put for hours despite their creamy formulation. And plus the way they're packaged makes them so good for throwing in your bag as the lids screw on. My three favourite shades are berry, petal and rose but they're all pretty dreamy, to be honest, and you can't go wrong with a Fresh balm.


Ever since I was a teenager and could buy things with my own paycheck a brand that I've always loved is Soap & Glory and they are a fantastic brand that has gone from strength to strength. They sit at such a comfortable price point for me and the products are incredibly good quality. They do everything from skincare, haircare and now they have a beauty range. Their body care, in particular, is my favourite, they have so many different formulations and scents that it's hard not to find something for you. My favourites are;

  • Heel Genius: The only foot cream I will go out of my way to buy, works a treat of parched feet. 
  • Smoothie Star: This entire range is absolutely delicious, it smells like sweet almond and moisturises the skin perfectly without leaving your skin feeling sticky or tacky. 
  • Sugar Crush: One of the best exfoliators you'll end find, gets rid off all the dead skin without leaving your skin feeling parched. 

What are your all time favourite beauty brands and products?