The Things That I Really Wear Everyday


Whenever I share any type of outfit post on this blog I'm usually wearing my best attire, the things that I save for nice occasions and even though obviously, I am wearing those things. I definitely do not wear them every day as realistically it's not practical to walk the dogs in a floral dress, as much as I wish it was. So today I thought I'd share the things that I really wear every single day as well what are the best things I've found for walking the pups in. 



This probably isn't a surprise to anybody as I share photographs of my wearing my beloved Barbour jacket quite often but it really is one of my most worn items. Barbour coats are an English classic with good reason, they really are durable and even though they are incredibly expensive they're totally worth it to me. And with good care and regular rewaxing, you'll be able to keep hold of them for many years which is what you want when you're spending over £200 on a coat. We recently rewaxed mine, when I say we what I really mean is my boyfriend rewaxed it whilst I stood with the dogs and overlooked things. I was too scared I would ruin it but thankfully it's fine and looking lovely as ever, it's got that beautiful deep forest green shade back. My Barbour jacket is the perfect item for Spring and Autumn, it's heavy enough to keep me warm and as it's completely waterproof I don't have to worry about being caught in the rain when wearing it. On warmer winter days I can get away with it but prefer to go for something more padded although you can buy an insert for them.


Technically, I didn't buy these ridiculously expensive leggings. My boyfriend did last year for my birthday and boy am I glad he trudged around NY trying to find them as I wear them so much. I know leggings are a controversial topic but when you're as bloated as I am on a daily basis they're sensible. These overpriced leggings are so incredibly flattering and comfortable it's hard not to want to wear them every day and they're not see through either, a must if you're going to wear leggings. When I'm walking the dogs I tend not to wear them just in case some pupper claws snag them and reach for my ones from H&M instead. 


Now it's warmer I thought I would be leaving my wellies behind but I've even got a new pair after my beloved Hunter's cracked as clearly you always need a pair in the UK. I can still use my Hunter's but they're not waterproof anymore which isn't great for paddling around in streams with the dogs. In the real cold months when there is snow on the ground, I don't reach for my wellies as I don't find them to be good for keeping your feet warm but generally they are wonderful. Especially now all the nettles have sprung back to life it's nice to have some protection on my ankles. I wrote more about my new wellies here if you fancy more details and are in the market for a new pair.


triangle bras

It's rare that I wear what I call a 'real' bra otherwise known as something with an archaic underwire and I will opt for a triangle style or no bra at all. Having something around my ribs all day isn't something I find comfortable in the slightest and I don't know why we put ourselves through it unless we actually want to. A soft triangle bra can take the edge off any nip exposure but they're still comfortable and personally, I find them way more pleasing to the eye that something with underwire.



When it's not overly warm in the UK, which let's be real is the majority of the time I will always reach for a sweatshirt. They're a pretty casual wardrobe piece obviously but I absolutely love them as they're typically pretty lightweight so can take the chill off but I don't find myself overheating in them either. You might have gathered by now but I really am pretty simple with my outfit choices and like minimal effort, although I love to layer sometimes I can often feel a little weighed down with too much going on. My favourite sweatshirts come from H&M, Nike, and Ralph Lauren but you can find them at any price point. 


Of course, I had to mention that I wear my beloved Breton's just incase you didn't believe that I wore them. I've said it before and I'll say it again but they really are one of the best items in my wardrobe. They look nice, they're practical and well, who doesn't like stripes?


I would mention my Nike trainers here too as I have recently got back into running and my beloved Nike Free Runs have come back out of retirement. But now it is warmer somedays I am able to wear trainers on a dog walk and by far the most practical option I have for that come from New Balance. The 420 style, in particular, is amazing and something I've had in my shoedrobe for nearly 5 years and they certainly don't look that old. I often find that trainers are what I spent the most money on but when they last as long as this then I really cannot complain.


Since becoming a daily dog walker something that I've found myself needing more of is hoodies. If it too warm for a coat but not warm enough for just a top then a hoody is such a good option to have in your wardrobe as I always need more pockets for the necessities like treats. Something new I've been wearing from Craghoppers [ a brand I love for outdoor apparel] is this hoody/jacket and it really is fantastic. It's a lovely fit but it's actually practical for outdoor wear. I can often find hoodies make me feel a little too like I'm in my loungewear which I love but not always what I want when leaving the house.



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