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Perfume is one of my favourite area's of my daily routine. There is nothing like spritzing on your most loved scent to make you feel ready to take on the world. I've been building my collection for years, I've always loved having different scents around to suit a number of occasions. So today I present to you my perfume wardrobe, prepare yourself for some obscure descriptions. 


Stella is one of those classic fragrances that most people have worn at some point. It's got a very distinct scent so you can recognise it instantly. It's a great perfume to transition from day to night so you're after a does it all fragrence then this could be for you. Combining a mixture of English rose and amber so it's soft whilst incorporating a little bit of a masculine edge. Every year (I believe?) they come out with special edition packaging and it's safe to say this bottle makes me wish for kitchen floors in the exact same pattern.


I've got the most horrible feeling that this has been discontinued.  An unusual scent, I've never smelt anything quite like it so it really stands out in my collection. You might have guessed what the top ingredient is in this perfume by its name, of course, it's lily of the valley. It might be a surprise considering my blog name is about roses, lily's are my favourite flower. To give it a little bit more of a kick it contains a base note of oak moss, now I have no idea about how moss works in a perfume but it does. The bottle is one of my favourite, the typography of Stella McCartney's brand is beautiful. 


This is the scent that I think I will probably wear on my wedding day. There is a sweet little story of why I love this scent so much. Blackberries remind me of my childhood as we used to have a huge bush at the bottom of our garden so it's a scent that instantly makes me remember picking fresh fruit to go in a crumble. It's such a beauitful scent, fresh yet sweet at the same time. It sits in the daytime category for me even though it's punchy enough to worn in the evening. Some people say that JM perfumes aren't long lasting, but that's not something I struggle with at all.


The original formulation of Marc Jacobs Daisy was my go to scent during my university years. I'm pretty sure the majority of us have worn it at some point in our lives. Since the original release they've brought out a lot of different formulations, my favourite out of the bunch, has to be Daisy Dream*. It's an incredibly sweet scent but not something I find vomit inducing.  You can still sense that classic Daisy scent incorporated in this which I love as I was such a big fan of the original.


A scent that was incredibly popular last year and one that I sniffed at every chance I had but could never justify to myself. I was gifted this for my birthday and have worn it most days since. There is only one way to describe this scent and that is 'fizzy' it smells like sparkles and instantly reminds of champagne, in a good way. The epitome of a S/S scent for sure as it's incredibly fresh. Something I love about Jo Malone scents is that they're always great for layering, this with a little bit of Blackberry & Bay are a match made in heaven. 


The original Chloé is one of my all-time favourite perfumes, I remember my older sister purchasing it and always stealing a spritz or two. It's a scent that you can recognise within minutes when somebody else is wearing it. If you like your perfume to be quite light then this isn't for you. I didn't think I could love anything more than the original Chloé but once they added rose in the formulation I just couldn't deny how much more I liked it. Sometimes rose scents can be a little too mature for my tastes but this still has a fresh edge that is perfect for either day or night.


If you're on the hunt for a perfume that lasts all day and is still hanging around 14 hours later then this might be for you. By far the strongest perfume that I own so you need to spritz sparingly otherwise it's a little too pungent. It's an earthy fragrance as like the name suggests it contains a lot of botanical ingredients like sandalwood and bergamot. It's quite an acquired scent and not something that will be loved by everyone but if you're on the look out for something a little more unusual I would highly recommend this.


The latest perfume to join my arsenal and it's the perfect summer scent. If there is anything that reminds me of being on holiday then it's this. It's incredibly fruity, with top notes of lemon, mandarin, peach and apple so it's the perfect daytime scent. Although it's fresh it contains some deeper notes like amber and musk which give it a little more of an sophisticated edge. I'm not normally one for such fruity scents as I don't find them to be incredibly long lasting but this latest all day, even in the recent heatwave.

What are your favourite perfumes?

R x

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