Lessons Learnt From Daily Content

Around 18 months ago I decided to make the move to daily content. I'd been blogging for a while and had the urge to post more, my brain was full of ideas and I was too excited to wait every other day to put out a post. I've learned so many lessons about content creation since I started posting daily and I thought that I would share a few with you today. 


There is no denying that making the move to daily content was a difficult one. At the time, it was only two extra posts a week so I didn't think too much of it. It pushes your brain in a lot of ways, a lot of things that I never thought about. It's a neverending process as it's so quick paced. That is something that I love about daily content though as I'm constantly faced with new challenges and obstacles to overcome. 


Something that I always worried about was what if I ran out of ideas? The more content you make the more ideas you have. This isn't something that I ever believed to be true until this year. Even though they're periods when I panic and think this is it I've run out of my all ideas. That's just an indication that I need to take a step back and relax a little. You can never force idea's, sometimes things just don't work out, but that is all part of the learning process. 


When I spoke about my blogging process I mentioned that I'm a planner. Daily content isn't something that can just be spontaneous, it does require planning. This is why my notepads are my best friends. I like to write what content is going out that week and then down the side I write the letters P, W and S. Photograph, write and schedule, this helps me stay on track with how a post is coming along and know what needs to do be done. Even if you don't post daily I think this is a great little system to go by. 


The day that I started to schedule my tweets about what post I had put up that day was a complete game changer. I like to use Buffer, it's free and super simple to use. I don't always have the time or signal to share the content that I've published that day so getting things done beforehand means you don't have to think about them during the day. 


With a post going out every day of the week, it really helps you to learn what content you enjoy creating. A total trial and error process that is always changing. I don't think unless I had started posting daily then I would be quite so sure what I enjoy creating. By posting more, it's taught me to push my ideas and I've had to get a lot more creative than I once was to turn thoughts into pieces. 


My favourite thing about posting daily is how rewarding I find it. Even though it's crazy fast paced and sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything it's something that I love doing right now. In the next couple of years I probably won't be posting daily as there are other things being put into the works which mean I won't have time to do it all and I'll really miss it. Daily content isn't something for everybody and it's not the only way to blog, but it's something that I absolutely love doing. 

Do you post daily? What are your thoughts on it?

R x

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