My Top 18 TV Shows


Discovering and binge-watching a new tv show is something that I love doing. And over the years, there have been so many shows that have become a huge part of my life and they’re often things that I come back to time and time again and they are;

the simpsons

A show that has followed me from childhood into my adult life and something I imagine I’ll find comfort in forever. Even though it’s a cartoon I never feel like it’s childish and there are always important topics touched upon. It’s one of the longest running shows on tv for good reason and they’re now on their 30th season.


I’ve gone from watching Friends on video tape to now being able to stream it easily on Netflix. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it the episodes still entertain me and it’s my go to when I’m not sure what else to watch.

grey’s anatomy

I was somewhat late to the party when it came to Grey’s Anatomy. Spurred on by my good friend Jen to give it a watch I was instantly hooked and it’s fast become one of my most loved shows ever made. It’s the best thing to watch if you want something meaty to get your teeth in and undoubtedly cry far too many times over.

gilmore girls

For so many this is a show that reminds them of their childhood but again I was late to the party and didn’t watch it until a few years ago. Gilmore Girls for me is such a feel-good watch for me and one that I don’t think will ever get old. I didn’t love the Netflix revival as much as I thought I would but it’s still worth the watch.


the US office

Undoubtedly one my favourite shows of all time and one that I could watch at any given point as much like Friends it doesn’t matter how many times you watch it the episodes are still hilarious and you will obviously still cry at Pam and Jim. And because the episodes are only 20 minutes long which means you can make your way through it quite easily.

parks and rec

The style of this show very much reminds me of The Office and I enjoy it just as much, I’ve got a serious love for Ron Swanson and his ex wife Tami as their storyline is hilarious. And this is a show that has one of the best finales I’ve ever seen.

modern family

I’m only just catching up Modern Family after watching and loving it years ago and this is a great show is you want to be something pretty easy to watch but it’s still so captivating.

the walking dead

I love anything post apocalyptic and The Walking Dead has become a cult show that I absolutely love and it’s actually one of the rare shows I’ve watched from the beginning. A couple of years ago I somewhat lost my way with it but now I’ve caught up and I still think it’s fantastic but I understand why people lost track.

mad men

From the writing to the styling of this show there isn’t anything I don’t like and it’s one that I’d recommend to anyone to give a watch if they work in a creative industry as you get an insight to some classic ads.

downton abbey

If you love period dramas then Downton Abbey has to be on your to watch list as its fantastic and the film has just been released.

Planet Earth

I probably don’t need to explain why the Planet Earth series are so fantastic, they’re filmed beautifully and the narration of David Attenborough is of course, perfection.

Stranger Things

Probably one of the best shows to be released in recent years. From the story line to the styling to the cast it’s truly brilliant and somehow it keeps on getting better with each season.

mr Selfridge

Another period drama and this one follows the story of the department store Selfridges and how it came to be. Not only is the story fascinating but the styling in particular in this is so beautiful and the set design is incredible.

American horror story

Whilst I’ve not been crazy about the more recent seasons of AHS I still think it’s a brilliant show to watch, especially the early seasons like Coven and Asylum. There aren’t all that many thriller/horror tv shows out there either so this fits the bill perfectly for me.

orange is the new black

I’ve just finished Orange Is The New Black and I would say this is a must watch for anyone, especially the last season with the issues tackled in those final heartbreaking episodes. It’s the perfect mix of entertaining and educational with the social issues that they tackle.

Queer Eye

I never watched the original Queer Eye so I don’t how the original and the show now compares but it’s an incredible show and something everyone should give a watch. It’s such a feel good watch and the Fab 5 are some of the greatest humans on the planet and I love what they do for other people.

The Haunting Of Hill House

Apart from American Horror Story this is the only other horror tv show in this list and this is absolutely fantastic, it was only one season on Netflix but oh it’s absolutely brilliant and you like anything scary you must give this a watch.

Brookyln Nine-Nine

This sits in the same category as The Office and Parks and Rec for me with not only the format but the style of humour too. The episodes are only 20 minutes long and are best when binge watched as you really get into the swing of the show.

what are your favourite tv shows?

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