My Worst Beauty Habit & How I'm Trying To Fix It


Something that I always fall into the trap of believing is that if you write about beauty then you obviously must have the best habits and practices. And although I've nipped some of my terrible ones in the bud something that I really struggle with is biting the skin around my fingers and really making a mess of my hands. Not a habit that I'm particularly proud of or love to admit but I know whenever I mention it online there are always at least 5 other people who say they struggle with it too. So I thought today I'd share how I'm trying to work on it and not let my hands look like I've let my dogs chew on them.



For me, I know the biggest reason why my hands end up looking a mess with pulled skin and little cuts is that it's a nervous habit. Whenever I'm stressed whether that be knowingly or something underlying I will without fail start pulling or biting at a little bit of loose skin and before know it the sides of my fingers and bleeding and quite frankly look disgusting. Of course, we can't live a life completely devoid of stress so I have to make sure I've got certain things in place and here is what is working for me right now. 


Obviously, not being really stressed is the main thing for me but to expect to go through life without stress just so my hands aren't a mess is quite frankly ridiculous. So here are things that really work for me;

  • Nourishment: As well as it being a nervous habit something else I notice is that when my hands are really dry I tend to do it then too. Having dry bits of skin coming away from my fingers makes me tempted to pull at them so making sure my hands are well nourished tends to stop this. It also makes me not to bite them when they taste of hand cream because well it's not a pleasant taste.
  • A Manicure: After Christmas, I decided that I was going to treat myself to getting my nails done and it was one of the best things I did. Not only did it give me a good few hours to just zone out and relax but it completely stopped me from messing around with my fingers. Because I'd spent my money getting my nails done I then didn't want to make them look horrible with little scabs and sores. It's such a simple thing and as I can't always afford to get my nails done then even just doing it myself has seen a small change too. And painting my nails is hands down one of my favourite beauty rituals, no matter what my mood it always lifts me up and makes me feel polished and ready to take on the world.
  • Distractions: Although I'm trying to stop using my phone so much. I cannot bear to download that app that tells you how much you spend on the thing because I'm quite frankly ashamed of my addiction to my phone.  Something I am doing when I feel myself getting into a bad cycle of nervous picking is that I open my Pinterest app and start pinning away. It sounds silly but it's something that I thoroughly enjoy and I don't find that platform as draining as some other forms of social media. Having anything to reach for when you feel yourself start picking, as obvious as it sounds really does work wonders.

Do you struggle with nervous picking? What do you find works for you?