How I'm Trying To Support Others Online & Stop Being A Silent Viewer


The blogging world is predominantly made up of females, of course, there are some incredible male bloggers out there but in general, it's a whole lotta ladies. Therefore you might think it's a wonderful place to be, girl power and all that but the vast majority of the time it's the complete opposite. All too often you will see a slanging shady Twitter match going off and generally it can feel a little Mean Girl esque. And there is no way we can ever all get along but something I know I need to do more is show my support to other online creators and stop being such a silent reader.


Although it would be really nice if we could get all get along, there is just no way it's going to happen. And we don't have to like everybody, it's not physically possible to do that and that's fine. However, it is important to have some sort to cut off point where you realise that it's ok not to like everybody and just move on and stay away from hate viewing or consuming because that is a huge waste of time. The great thing about the online world is that you can perfectly curate what you're seeing so if there isn't something you don't like then you can easily avoid it and not spend time even thinking about it.



The scape of the blogging world is absolutely huge now and there is a vast amount of content to be consumed. And it can be incredibly overwhelming to know where to start but here is a little guide of the easiest ways to show your support online;

  • Follow. 
  • Like pictures and view stories.
  • Favourite tweets.
  • Share posts. 

More in-depth ways to show your support;

  • Leave a comment: This is something that I'm terrible for, I find myself reading so many posts daily but rarely do I find myself leaving a comment. And it's not because I've not engaged with the post either but I'm simply too quick to click away. Same goes for Instagram, I'm scrolling through things way too quickly and get carried away. 
  • Send a message: I tend to do this a lot on Instagram when I'm watching someone's stories and they've touched on something in particular. I always try to get in contact with them as that's one of my favourite ways to keep in touch.
  • Share the content: If you're a blogger yourself then sharing other people's content is something I find to be incredibly important. It doesn't mean people won't read your content either as I often think people can be somewhat greedy with their audience and forget people don't have a consumption quota. The blogging world is built on sharing but it seems to be share nowadays. 
  • Send an e-mail: If you don't want to leave an in-depth comment on someone's content than maybe an email is a little more suited towards you. I know when something flashes up in my inbox then it always makes my day and feels really personal too.


Whilst I want to try and not be so much of a silent viewer I think it's really important to appreciate them regardless. Because even though they might not be a vocal part of your community they are still there supporting you through their views which is all some people might have time for. It takes time to constantly be engaging with content but sadly there is no real way to connect on a different level with your silent viewers. In order to make sure your vocal viewers feel valued and appreciated it's just about making conversation back and taking the time to respond. There are always time constraints on things but if you are someone who creates content with the hopes of people taking an interest in it then make sure you're responding to comments and messages. It's something that comes up so often with viewers as they don't feel appreciated and it's easy to understand why when creators are so quick to respond to the chances that they are given because of those viewers. Without those kind people then those opportunities wouldn't be coming into their inboxes so striking a balance between them all is important. 


How do you show your support to others online?