Nail Care 101

Taking good care of my hands and nails is super important to me. It might not be the most exciting area of my routine but it makes all the difference to how I feel. And like everything else when it comes to beauty. They require their own special routine and here is an easy guide to taking good care of your hands and nails. 


DAVINES OI HAND BALM*: When it comes to hand cream I'm not usually a believer that buying high-end will get you a better product. But this product from Davines is beautiful and worth the extra money. It's a hand cream that you can either use overnight for a deep surge of moisture or throw in your bag for on the go use. It doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky or tacky at all. It smells like babies, you know that lovely sweet baby smell. Which is something I personally really like but it might not be for everyone as it is quite strong. 

SOAP & GLORY HAND DREAM*: During the winter months, our hands take a serious beating from the weather and we need something that will help relieve that tight dry feeling. Not only does it cult classic S&G product help tackle dryness. It also works hard to battle against age spots and stimulates cell renewal. Even though I know how much my hands go through on a daily basis I never think of protecting them against ageing and sun damage. And like the neck your hands are one of the first places to show aging. 


ELEGANT TOUCH NAIL APOTHECARY CUTICLE ELIXIR*: I have terrible cuticles. They get so dry and subsequently become pretty unsightly. Which isn't something you want when you've slicked on a nice manicure. This cuticle oil which is enriched with vitamin E and sweet almond oil provides a deep surge of moisture for relieving any dryness. The brush makes it a breeze to apply as you can have more control over the amount you're dispensing opposed to a tube.

SALLY HANSEN CUTICLE REMOVER: Out of the cuticle removers I've ever used. This is by far my favourite. You only need to leave it on for a short amount and gently push them back to get things looking presentable once again. Even though it's strong it doesn't leave the nail bed feeling sore and dry which can often be the problem with intense products like this. 


O.P.I NAIL ENVY: This is one of those nail products that at the time you don't realise how good it is. Until you don't use it anymore. If your nails are feeling weak and flaky this is a great treatment. You can either use it a dedicated strengthener or use it as a base coat underneath your colour of choice. It's an expensive product but if you find it on the likes of Amazon or eBay it's much cheaper. 

ELEGANT TOUCH NAIL RIDGE FILLER*: When you've got ridges in your nails it always comes through your manicure. So this ridge filler from Elegant Touch is great for not only creating a smooth surface for your polish. But it also primes the nail as well to create a seriously long lasting manicure. The only downside to this polish is that it contains gold flecks which some people might like as granted it does look pretty but you can see it around the edges of your manicure. 


LITTLE ONDINE PEELABLE NAIL POLISH*: When you look into the chemicals that go into nail polish it can become pretty terrifying. Little Ondine is a brand that only use 3 ingredients in their polishes. Which is pretty incredible in itself, not only that but they also peel off. When I first read about this, I was sceptical about how long they would last if they just peeled off. But I can get a solid 3-4 days out of an LO manicure before I notice to start wear. Which for a nail polish that just simply peels off when you want to remove it is pretty awesome. Once removed your nails don't feel dry or damaged at all which was something else that worried me. 

What are your favourite nail care products?

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