Improving Your Diet & Fitness When You Don't Know Where To Start

The fitness and diet online world can be completely overwhelming. Everyone seems to incredibly fit and in be in the best shape of their lives. And have the most amazing diet, you've ever seen. Whilst I know everyone only shows the good and positive, which is fine. It can become incredibly overwhelming and the opposite of inspiring when you want to get in shape but don't know where to start. Here are a few simple ways that can get you on the right path to improving your diet and fitness. 


It's all too easy to forget that people who are really in shape started at the bottom and built it up over time. It can be incredibly overwhelming when everyone at the gym seems to know what they're doing and have perfect form as well as the stamina of a race horse. And it can be daunting and scary but in reality, no-one cares that much about other people in the gym because they're too busy focusing on themselves. I also think it super important to not pay too much attention to social media and the workout routine of someone else. Just because that works for that person it doesn't mean it's going to work for you and your body. We're all incredibly different. 


There are some super simple things that we can all do when it comes to our health and diet and here are some of my favourites; 

  1. Switch fizzy drinks for water.
  2. Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  3. Park further away to get a few more steps in. 
  4. Have fruit for dessert instead of cake. 
  5. Make your meals from scratch as often as possible. 
  6. Try to exercise at least once a week. 
  7. Eat your calories instead of drinking them. 


If you struggle with your health you will know how difficult exercise can be. The problem with invisible illnesses especially is that to the outside world you look absolutely fine. But what's going on inside is a completely different story. I'm a big believer that even with health issues we should still try our hardest to still do a small amount of exercise. Talking to your doctors and asking their advice is a great place to start. As in the online world, it's all too easy for us with bodies that don't quite work the same way as everyone else's. To become overwhelmed as we might not be capable of doing what's being shown. Taking things slow and altering the exercise to be more suitable for you is important. 


When you want to get into better shape it can be really easy to set yourself a huge amount of targets to meet. Taking small steps makes things much more manageable as you can build it up over time. Instead of setting yourself up for failure before you even start. Progress takes a long time to see when you start out on your fitness journey. Which can become frustrating when you're putting your all into something. Often you can find the instant result is the way that you feel on the inside rather than how things look on the outside. 


Diet and fitness are incredibly personal. There are so many factors to take into consideration like; schedule, health, and money. Finding what works for you and your lifestyle is key to keeping it up in the long run. If you know you haven't got a lot of free time to go out of your way to visit the gym then why not try exercising at home? Same goes for the type of exercise you do. If running on a treadmill is your idea of hell then why not try something else? The best thing about exercise is that you can try anything you want to find what works out for you. It shouldn't be something you dread doing, it's meant to be fun. Because when you're enjoying yourself it doesn't feel like hard work. 

Do you have any fitness tips?

R x

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