Not Your Average Face Masks

Face masks are something that you either love to have in your skincare routine or you don't. And to be honest I've been pretty sceptical over the years and when using them in the past I was never quite sure if they made that much of a difference or not. But since discovering what type of masks work well with my skin and working them into my routine on a regular basis and with constant use I've become quite the convert. We all probably know the standard stereotypical masks we can get our hands on like a clay or hydrating option but today I'm going to share with you some masks that aren't stereotypical at all. 


If you haven't got much time on your hands to be waiting around for a mask to work its magic then the Pixi Peel & Polish* is a great option. After cleansing you apply a thin layer to the skin, wait around 3-5 minutes and then rinse away and your complexion is not only left feeling beautifully clean but incredibly soft too. It contains natural fruit enzymes that help to slough away any dead skin cells and the lactic acid gives you a gentle exfoliation. You could use this either the night before or the morning of a big event where you want your skin to glow and feel fresh. If I've got the time I always love to use a mask like this in combination with some deep clarifying to really have a beautifully clear complexion.


I've spoken a few times about the Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Mask* and if you're sensitive to scents then this won't be for you at all. It's bright orange and has the consistency and smell of soup but it works so well on the skin. It can not only help with breakouts but it brightens the complexion with the use of natural pumpkin enzymes which is one of the main ingredients in the cult Oskia Renaissance Cleanser. It's not one that's probably all that great for sensitive skin as it does tingle and can leave even my resilient complexion a little red after removal but it's not anything concerning. It's a fresh mask so it's not something you can keep in your stash for months but if it's going to be the only one you use then it's a great option for brightening and clearing.


A cooling gel mask is something that's perfect for when you're tired and feeling down in the dumps and need something that will instantly feel like it's perking your complexion up. The Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask* is such a beautiful skincare item and it's almost like a jelly or jam in consistency which feels so good when applied. You do have to be careful when applying this as it can be a little messy but once on the skin it sits there comfortably and doesn't dry down so it's simple to remove. It's a mixture of rose and aloe vera which gently plumps the skin and aloe is a natural way to cool and soothe any breakouts too. 


I'm sure you will have seen one of these masks on social media somewhere as they're pretty intriguing I must admit. And I'm not usually one for gimmicks either but when they're still something that works I can't deny how fun they are to use. The Pixi Glow h20 Oxygen Mask* is almost like one of those foaming shower gels but with skincare benefits. You don't have to leave this on long to feel the effects of it and it aims to brighten and help tired complexions look awake. Not only did I find this great at brightening the skin but my complexion generally looked and felt clearer too. And finding something that can help my skin look clearer which doesn't dry down to that uncomfortable cracking sensation isn't always easy. 


The latest mask to join my not so typical face mask army is the Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask* and I was excited to try this out as it's a brand that puts probiotics in their skincare and in the past I've had such a good experience with skincare that does that. This mask is brightening as well as deep cleansing and what makes it so fun to use is that it's bright blue. It's another one that contains lactic acid which I've found is something that works incredibly well with my skin for giving it a gentle exfoliation as well as the small gentle beads that give the skin a manual scrub upon removal too. A few more interesting ingredients this mask contains is turmeric to help with inflammation as well as vitamin A to help the skin renew and promote collagen. 

What are your favourite not so typical face masks?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty