Spring Style Essentials

Now we're in March there is no stopping me dressing like it's probably much warmer than it actually is. And after an almighty wardrobe tidy that took me way too longer than I'd like to admit I think I've finally whittled down my Spring style essentials which consists of some old favourites and some new options. When the seasons start to shift and I start figuring out what kind of look I like to go for I always treat myself to some new staples and I'm excited to share them with you today. 


I've always enjoyed a good loafer in my shoe collection but not quite this style which became incredibly popular last year thanks to Gucci. Now, I do not earn enough to spend that amount on shoes and I wasn't 100% sure the style was for me so I went for an affordable option to see if they were something I was really going to wear. I found mine in Primark, which isn't a store I shop in because I just find the clothes never last and never quite fit right either so it just seems like a waste of money. But I don't mind their shoes and can typically get a good year or so out of them. These loafers are very soft which I prefer as it's bound to be more comfortable than a really stiff leather but they don't feel flimsy. It's nice to have a smarter shoe option without going for something too classic and paired with either a dress or jeans and a shirt I love the way these look.


If you reside in the UK you will know that you should never be too far away from your jumpers or sweatshirts. I'm so fed up of big chunky heavy knits so I've been reaching for sweatshirts instead and I picked up this Jack Wills cream sweater in the Christmas sale. Now the preppy style isn't for me anymore [although they have a great range of stripes every season] but I can't deny that their jumpers always last years and are the type of thing that age well and only get softer with wear. As day to day, I'm pretty casual with my outfit choices I like something like this that is still well put together and incredibly comfortable too.


Coloured jeans are always something that I adore on others but never quite have the confidence to wear myself, until now. And weirdly it was my boyfriend who made me see that olive green could be a good shade to go for after he picked up some chinos in a similar shade. I realise now we're going to have to converse with each other before getting dressed [it's a good job he's rarely at home] so we have no awkward matching outfits but I'm a little in love with how they look. I went for a pair of the Topshop Leigh jeans* and paired with either a white shirt or a black jumper it's a such a nice to way to embrace colour but in a more neutral way.


For well over 3 years now I've wanted a pair of Adidas Gazelles but could never quite bring myself to buy them as I had a few pairs of perfectly good trainers. And as I mostly wear them to go the gym it felt like it wasn't a totally necessary purchase. However, as both pairs of my New Balances have bit the dust and can only be used for dog walking I thought it was finally time I could allow myself some trainers that weren't for the gym. Adidas don't go down to a size 3 in the regular line so I had to get these from the juniors saving myself around £30. Which is my biggest money saving tip if you're petite, going to the junior section in sports shops as shoes go up to a 5 I believe and the bottoms in an L or XL are equal to a size 6 or an 8. I love the classic simple design and although suede isn't a great material in rainy England it adds a softness to the black trainer. A few wears in they're incredibly comfortable and well worth the investment as a good everyday trainer. I am tempted to change the laces to white, though.


Way back in my teens and early 20's any type of cardigan was a staple in my wardrobe but over the years I've stopped wearing them but recently I've fallen back in love with the style staple. They're so easy to just throw whether you're just nipping out or at home and need the extra warmth and recently I've been obsessed with this blush pink cardigan. I found it in Tesco which is where I find so many of my favourite wardrobe pieces and I think the clothing range is totally underrated. It's an oversized fit and goes perfectly with a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings and striped Breton. And of course, the soft pastel hue of blush pink is the perfect nod to Spring in a more muted way and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this. 

What are your Spring style essentials?

Rebecca WarrinerStyle