Urban Outfitters wish list.

So i have always been such a huge fan of Urban Outfitters but i seriously begrudge their prices. The tan boat shoes are my favourite by far for over 2 years now i have hunted for the perfect pair of tan boaties and i think i may have finally found them. The playsuit is another favourite of mine as i saw around 2 months ago in the Bristol store but thought it was too pricey at the time but to my suprise is actually on sale at the moment for a mere £22 which i believe is pretty good down from £48. However i am not sure on the back as it ties up like a corset. The vest is just adorable but far to expensive for me at the moment and finally a beloved Boy London t-shirt, ever since my intern at Disorder magazine i became obsessed with wanting a Girl tee and i think whenever i get paid i might just have to do the deed and order one.
Rebecca Warriner