Wish List

1: I already own 7 American Apparel hoody's but another surely cant go a miss and i seem to be wearing more and more black recently i think due to the colour of my hair so i think the next time i am in Bristol i shall be picking one up.

2: After over a year of pining and weighing up the pro's and cons for an iPad i think i will finally start to save up for one. As i seem to buying less and less new clothes i will probably be able purchase one in early September! Obviously want the white one for sure.

3: These Vans are selling out thick and fast everywhere and i spotted some in Urban Outfitters last week but they only had them in a 5 and i am in desperate need of a size 3 so if anybody knows of a website that has them in stock let me know? :)

4: The new Cath Kidston collection is out and i want everything as it all bird orientated and i am in dire need of a new purse as i have been using the same one for 2 years now.

5: I have no words to explain how adorable this bag is, its beautiful and would be rather handy for university!

6: Finally how adorable is this towel seriously? I don't need it but then again i dont really need anything but i suppose this is one item that i will probably just lust over.
Rebecca Warriner