Studded Slippers

Topshop Vectra Nude Slippers £28

Say hello to my new babys. Otherwise known as shoes, now I had wanted these for an absolute age but the black pair and as I never wear black shoes so I was always a little reluctant but when I saw these I knew I just had to have them! Nude slippers with a gold stud = beautiful! I have been wearing them ever since I got them and they are absolutely amazing and look good with anything I find. They are a little on the tight side with width for me (not blessed with slim feet) but only pinch a little at the side. I would definitely recommend these and get your hands on them quick as I am sure they will sell out in no time! 
Anyway just a quick little post, hope everybody is having a good day I did a lot of dissertation draft today so my brain is frazzled!
Love Rebecca XO
Rebecca WarrinerStyle