My holy grail brushes

So I thought that this may make an interesting post as I think brushes are vital for my everyday routine. At the top are a MAC sponge and I actually use this to apply my powder and I know so many people don't like this and this and prefer to do it with a brush and I have tried to use a brush and just didn't get along with it at all and I prefer this method for my skin as I dont powder my entire face. Next my No7 eyelash curlers I have seriously stubborn lashes so I have to curl them daily. Underneath these two items are my actual brushes which are from left to right are 4 MAC brushes now I literally have no idea if these brushes are real or not as I researched them everywhere and it said they were fake and they would shed and bleed which these haven't at all so it makes me think they are real possibly but if they aren't I dont mind because they do the job perfectly. So a short angled brush which i use for my brows, next a traditional foundation brush that I use for concealer, then a angled fluffy brush which I use for my highlighter and finally for the MAC brushes is a small 187 which I actually use for blush I find this works really well and gets the colour on my cheeks perfectly and evenly. Now onto the lonely elf brush that I use which is just the cheap one for eyeshadow as I don't really fiddle around with it on a day to day basis. Then just a No7 brush that came in a set just to groom my brows. Finally my beloved Real Techniques stippling brush I find this brush perfect for my foundation makes Estee Lauder double wear blend like a dream and it doesn't soak up foundation like the Sigma F80 is known to do.
So there my favourite brushes, what are yours?
Love Rebecca XO
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty