Current Cravings #7

1: Such an adorable skirt I actually want it in black as it would be more suitable than this beautiful pink colour.

2: I have wanted this perfume for so long now but the price tag is so big that I will not be able to justify it for a long while. Also the bottle is just beautiful and it would look pretty cute on my dressing table.

3: I seem to have a slight obsession with slouchy tee's at the moment. Of course like everyone else I love the marl material and I think this would look cute with some black shorts.

4: On a little skincare binge at the moment as my skin to put it nicely looks like absolute poop. I have heard good things about the Aveeno skin care range so they are definitely on my to buy list.

5: I have seen this bag crop up quite a lot recently. I can definitely see why as its gorgeous but I wanna see this in real life to see the kinda size of it before I purchase. But the rose gold hardware has got me sold on it.

6: Peep toe shoes are my favourite so these tick a lot of boxes for me. I think these would be pretty good in the summer time and they look slightly smart which is good for me.

So I hope everybody is having a nice Mothers Day sadly today is slight sore point for me as my Mum passed away a couple of years ago.
Love Rebecca XO
Rebecca Warriner