The Red Lip

So the red lip has been something I have wanted to wear for so long but because I had such light hair it just did not look right on me. When the No7 vouchers were floating around I picked myself up a red lipstick and a red lipliner. I would really recommend when wearing a red lip to get a good red lipliner if not is will slip of yours lips. So my lipstick of choice is the No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in the colour Cherry. As you can see from the picture above that it looks like a deep red but on the lips it is quite bright but not too much which worked quite well for me. I wish I had the confidence to wear a red lip everyday but I think for the moment I will continue with my pinks. Also please excuse the very posey instagram picture of me above but at least you can see the kinda colour it looks like :)
What are your favourite red lipsticks?
Love Rebecca XO

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty