Current Cravings #9


1: So after picking up the Origins GinZing eye cream I am desperate to pick up more now so I think this will be next on my list. 

2: These are actually not a current craving anymore because my Pop has bought me these beautiful sunglasses from Rayban for my 22nd birthday which is in a month. This is a new release from Rayban and these are called 'Erika' they come in numerous colours and some really pretty pastel colours for summer but I chose a more classic colour. So excited to wear them.

3: This spray has been all over the blogging scene and apparently it works well if you get travel sickness which I get almost every time I get in a car so this might be a little lifesaver for me. 

4: I am in desperate need of some new shorts as mine are so old and SO short they are pretty unwearable so I think a new pair is on the cards.

5: Essie absolutely shore on what a beautiful colour and I actually made a sneaky purchase this morning and this will be mine in a few days.  
Rebecca Warriner