L'oreal Paris: Lumimagique foundation

So first of all I hope everybody is having a very happy easter I certainly woke up and had some chocolate (tradition) Anyway onto todays post I thought I would tell you all about the foundation that I have been absolutely loving and that is the new foundation from L'oreal which is named the 'Lumi magique, light infusing foundation' This claims to be a lit within foundation with a flawless finish. I picked up the shade C1 Rose Pearl which is a really good match for my pale complexion. I found the coverage to be medium but could be easily built up, it applies like an absolute dream it blends so easily (I use the RT stippling brush) and unlike my Estee Lauder DW it doesn't clog up my brush and make it feel sticky.
This foundation does exactly what it says on the tin really I feel it does really give me that dewy look without looks oily and it has a good coverage. However recently my skin has gone through an absolute dire state ( a whole other story) and I have found the products I have used to try and get it back to some sort of normal state has left me with some nasty dry patches and this foundation has seemed to pick up on it slightly but no where near as bad as it could be. All in all a really good foundation I think for the price which is only £10.99. The packaging is pretty adorable too with a rose gold finish which is oh so popular at the moment and it has a pump which is so easy because I could not stand to not have a pump for my foundation anymore I find it such a wasteful way to package the product.
Have you tried this foundation yet? If so what are your thoughts?
Love Rebecca XO  
Rebecca Warriner