Peppermint Paws

At the moment I cannot get enough of mint I think its my favourite 'trend' this summer. So what better way to embrace the trend than having a mint nail polish? This is the Rimmel Pro professional finish polish in the shade 500 Peppermint. Such a pretty colour I currently have it on my toes. In the bottle is looks a lot more pastel than it actually is on the nail which I dont mind because its still such a pretty colour. I have a feeling this is a lot like Essies mint candy apple but half the price. What I really like is the brush is quite thick so you don't have to keep going and back and the forth, also the application is pretty thick and you don't need 4 coats like some polishes I have been using recently.
So thats one of my favourite polishes at the moment, what is yours?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty