Origins GinZing

Maybe its just me but I never saw the need for an eye cream before now. Origins GinZing has been something that have read rave reviews on for a while. As I totted up quite a few points on my boots advantage card and it was enough to get myself this little tub of beauty. As I have never tried an eye cream before its hard to compare but I think its love for me this product. It is a pinky colour which adds radiance to under my eyes. I find it quite light in consistency but just enough to make me feel nice and nourished under the eye. I have to say it for sure de puffs my eye as that is my main problem I get terribly puffy eyes I think my dissertation post that I did a while ago is proof enough. I have caught the bug for Origins skin care now and I have my eye on the VitaZing daily moisturiser which I think would be perfect for summer when I am not really up to much.
Whats your favourite Origins product?