Rose Gold

So I think its pretty safe to say to that nearly everybody has this bag now but who can blame them? £20 for a very beautiful bag. Of course I am talking about the Zara Messenger Bag in this beautiful dove grey colour, now apparently people's have started falling apart but mine definitely hasn't I think it really is the perfect bag for everyday use and you can fit a hefty amount in it. I actually have this bag in two colours this beautiful dove grey colour and a black which I actually have a post on it here. I probably should have blogged about this a while ago but oh well. Rose Gold is now extremely popular and I for one cant resist the beautiful shade. I will actually be finally getting my rose gold watch which I blogged about here a long time ago and in little over a week I will finally be able to wear it so I might be a little matchy matchy with my bag but who cares? I feel like this post is slightly rambly and this is because I am currently working my way through 3 workbooks for my final major project and I feel a little delirious right now as I am trying to get rid of a nasty infection in my tummy.
Hope everybody is well :)