Beauty on a Budget

Before I really got into beauty I did not splurge on make up in the slightest I just wasn't fussed. However times have changed and now I do own some lovely high end make up that I love but I am a firm believer in that if your skin looks good your make up will look good no matter what the price. Now of course there are exceptions to that rule and I do tend to now splurge on my foundation than anything else and the occasional lipstick and looking in my dressing table it is clear that I own a lot more high street make up than I do high end. So I thought I would share a few of my absolute favourites and things I use everyday without fail. Now there are two brands here just because to me these are undeniably cheap and that is Natural Collection which is only available in Boots and the second is a brand called VIVO which is only available in Tesco.

Natural Collection is a brand that I have used for years especially there blush the one here is called 'Pink Cloud' and an absolutely beautiful colour apparently it is a dupe for MAC's 'Well Dressed' blush. This blush is a very pretty matte pink shade that gives a lovely flush to the cheeks. It is really quite creamy for a £2 blush and pretty good staying power and I find blush sometimes just fades so quickly. They also do a cream blusher which I do reach for on the days I can't be bothered to faff around with a brush and its also really nice for travelling as you dont need a brush to apply it. Final thing from Natural Collection is there little eyeshadows again something I have used for years and something I use everyday, the shade I have is called 'Butterscotch' and its just a really pretty matt vanilla shade which I just like to sweep all over the lid as my eyelids are quite dark and red? Doesn't sound to attractive I know. Again like the blush it has a really lovely creamy formulation and I find this doesn't crease on me till right at the end of the day and again for £2 its perfect for everyday use.

I first discovered VIVO products when wandering around my gigantic local Tesco's which stocks pretty much everything in the world and I had heard about VIVO on some blogs so wanted to see what the fuss was about. I think this is such a good brand although the packaging is really naff the products inside are lovely and that is what matters in my opinion. The absolute gem for me in this line is the pressed powder this really reminds me of the MAC mineralize skin finish natural which I find far to yellow for my skin and in general I am just not that much of a fan of it which I was when I first got it. This powder is so creamy has such a lovely formulation and gives a little bit of coverage as well setting my foundation and I believe it cost £2.79ish? something a long them lines. The only problem with the powder is that it only comes in 3 shades which a little bit poop. Next is a blush that has actually broken believe me I have not used all that product ha bit annoying that is broke but oh well. The shade is in cinnamon glow and is a really pretty shade that really reminds me of MAC MSF in soft & gentle so I might try this as a highlight possibly. Final item is a lipstick in the shade 'Barely There' a really pretty just light pink colour nothing fancy but for the price its just perfect for everyday use. Now the packaging for this is absolutely vile but the product is really cream and wears quite well on the lips.

So thats it for my bargain beauty post I really recommend any of these products they are absolutely fantastic for the price and something I use everyday without fail. So let me know if you like any of these products or have any of your own budget beauty gems!

Rebecca Warriner