Interior Insanity

Hi my names Rebecca and I am addicted to home decor. I use the word obsessed lightly as I literally cannot stop browsing through Pinterest gazing at the beautiful interior photographs. As I moved home from university my old room is now my sisters and I have one of the smallest rooms known to man its bloody tiny. So after 3 days old solid unpacking and throwing quite a bit away 3 years worth of stuff now fits in my little matchbox room which was quite the achievement. I think your bedroom says quite a lot about you as a person and mine definitely screams Rebecca as its covered in floral and white furnishing. Even though my room looks like it probably belongs to a 5 year old I love it.

I can honestly say if I hadn't done a degree in photography I probably would have done one in interior design. It feels so satisfying when you have completed such a large project and get to appreciate how beautiful a room looks. Even though my room isn't completely finished yet as I could really do with a new wardrobe and a better shelving system which means a 3rd trip to IKEA. Some of you might be wondering why I am spending money on a room that I hopefully won't be in for too long. Well any furniture that I want and will need when I move away from home will just simply come with me. Anyway babbling over I thought I would share some snippets of my lovely new little room :)