Current Cravings #14 The Designer Edition

Chanel large classic flap bag, Mulberry scarf, Rose gold Tiffany bracelet, Kate Spade ring 1, Kate Spade bow ring, Mulberry key ring, Nude Christian Louboutin and Chanel Glasses
Something a little different today I thought I would do my normal current cravings post but give it a little twist and show you all the items that I have lusted over for a very long time.  

1: Oh the ever so famous Chanel bag. Ever since I was 14 I have craved this bag for SO long at one point I even wanted it for my 21st birthday but then I realised I am not at a point in my life where I need a nice bag like this. So once I get to a stage in my life when I can warrant owning such a beautiful bag I will purchase it. 

2: This is something that I might be able to purchase in the not so distant future. I adore Mulberry everything about the brand is just so beautiful and this scarf is so simple and classic. 

3: Like everyone else I have caught the rose gold bug and this Tiffany bangle is absolutely beautiful but it comes with a whopping price tag so this might be something I just gaze at from a far. 

4: Kate Spade is something that I only recently discovered and as far as I know you can only purchase it in America. I think the items are quite fairly priced and when I do eventually got to America I will for sure be picking up a few things .

5: Another Kate Spade item but this bow ring is adorable and at a mere $50 I dont think anyone could pass it up. 

6: Another Mulberry item, now I do own the odd bit from Mulberry and I always love the keyrings so when I get another trip to an outlet I will keep an eye out for more.

7: I honestly can't think of any girl I know and say she wouldn't like to own a pair of Louboutin's. They are possibly the most beautiful style of shoe in the world (of course in my opinion) there is just something that red sole. 

8: As of late I have become a glasses wearer as my eyes are quite weak when I have to concentrate (I would like to thank my photography degree for this and many hours staring at Photoshop). Anyway so this means I have to wear glasses when I concentrate on anything and I would love to own a pair of Chanel glasses they are absolutely beautiful. To be honest they aren't far off the glasses that I picked anyway (Raybans with tortoiseshell frames, post coming soon) But there is just something about these which I love. 

So I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to know what the items you lust over are? 
Rebecca Warriner