Are you Absolutely Shore?

No this isn't the infamous Mint Candy Apple from Essie it's the beautiful shade named Absolutely Shore. I picked this when I saw that Anna was raving about it and it sounded like the perfect colour for me. Absolutely Shore is the perfect pastel sea green colour, I would advise anyone buying this colour if you find Mint Candy Apple just slightly to garish. Now the colour is absolutely dreamy but the application is not, as this polish is not available in the diffusion line it has the normal thin brush which for this colour needs around 4 coats to get a opaque finish which is an absolute pain. As you can see I have got down this pretty quickly for the amount of time I have owned so I will probably be picking a new one up as I love it that much. 
 So have you tried any Essie polishes, if so what are your favourite?
Rebecca Warriner