The No7 Cleansing Water

No7 Cleansing Water £9

I picked up the No7 cleansing water up around two weeks ago when the vouchers were still floating around. I hadn't heard of this product till I think it was either Louise or Zoe talking about this so I decided to give it a go. I have been wanting to try a product like this for a while ever since the Bioderma craze came about but I can't give into paying that much for something just yet. I have been using this product for just over two weeks and I don't know if this is something for me or not. Now don't get me wrong it isn't a bad product but I just don't know if I like how it leaves my skin feeling. I use this as a make up remover but I do not use it on eyes as it stings like hell so I use my Boots Botanics eye make up remover, I find it gets make up off well but my skin looks quite sore after I have done so I don't find it really benefits my skin in anyway either. Now I have been a face wipe girl for years which I know the skincare gods would frown upon but I have never had a problem with them and I really can't see any differences from my 99p Tesco face wipes to this £9 cleansing water. Now if I do actually purchase the Bioderma I may think differently about cleansing waters but for now I am a little on the fence. 
So what are your thoughts on cleansing waters?
Rebecca Warriner