A few of my favourite things in...July

Only a few products for this month as I been really loyal to a few items and theres even an item that appeared last month and that will teach me for not looking at the post before I took this picture. So lets begin: 
  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish 'Soft & Gentle': I have used this everyday since I bought it back in March and I haven't even made a dent in it. This is the perfect peachy highlight and I absolutely love it its just such a beautiful product. Highlighting is something that if you asked me about a year ago I would known nothing about but now it something that possibly be my favourite part of my make up routine I think it just adds a lot of depth to my other wise hamster like cheeks. MAC are known for there beautiful MSF's but I believe there are only two in their permanent line and 'Soft & Gentle' is one of them. 
  • Lush Grease Lightening: This is saving my skin at the moment! I use this on breakouts and the surrounding area so the breakouts don't spread. This is the only spot treatment that I have used that doesn't dry my skin out like chronic. Now this product doesn't get rid of breakouts quickly but it does really sooth it and clears the spot without leaving a scar and thats why I love it. I think when I finally finish this I will probably purchase the Origins super spot remover. 
  • Natural Collection eyeshadow 'Seashell': Yes I know this did feature in last months favourites but I don't think I have used a different eyeshadow at all because I am not too adventurous with eyeshadow mainly because I dont know how to be and I am scared going wrong and looking like a panda. 
  • N Spa Apple Mint Crunch Shower and Bath Gel: I am total bath fiend and when I bought this product for a mere £1 I was just gonna use it as a shower gel but one day I poured it into my bath it made a lovely minty bubbly bath and its something I will definitely buy again.      
  • MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick: Do I even need to introduce this lipstick? I was hovering around it on the MAC website for about an hour before I gave in and payed the ridiculous amount and I am so glad its just such a beautiful shade and I wish I had picked up two as I am scared to run out of this. 
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush: This month I have really appreciated this brush I love the way it applies my foundation and it just gives the most beautiful finish. I would advise anyone who hasn't tried any of the Real Techniques brushes to get to Boots now! 
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: Oh the hype around this product is tremendous. With good reason as well it took me months to pluck up the courage to spend such a high amount on a skincare product. I actually picked this up for £40 instead of the whopping £58 when Debenhams had an offer on and I had some beauty points to use. I won't do a full review as I actually am going to write one to go up whilst I'm on holiday and I will go more into depth in that. I will say now that I adore this product and it is really helping my skin and brightening my complexion. 

So there my favourite products for the month of July not many but there the products that I have used pretty much every day. What are your favourites? 

Rebecca Warriner