Who made the cut?

Essie Polishes £8-10 and Rimmel £2.99
I seem to become more and more obsessed with nail polish at the days go by so I thought I would show my top 5 spring polishes. Now as you can see there is 4 Essie polishes and I know I know its not very diverse but I just adore them. So to kick us off what would a top 5 be without Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' I can't think of a single beauty lover who hasn't heard of this polish, its just a beautiful shade, also a good alternative is Rimmel 'Peppermint' they are so similar. Next is Essie's 'Absolutely Shore' I think this could possibly be my favourite nail colour of all time its absolutely beautiful and it has entire blog post dedicated to it here. Then we have Essie 'Cute as a button' I wasn't to sure on this colour at first but now its something I reach for pretty much every week and I also find this quite similar to Barry M's 'Pink Flamingo' which a good cheaper option. Now for the only non Essie shade in my top 5 is Rimmels 'Instyle Coral' this is absolutely beautiful shade and looks lovely on the toes and it also pretty cheap compared to Essie. For the finale is Essie's 'Fiji' I have to admit I gave in to the hype and picked this up because I kept on seeing it pop up on my favourite bloggers and just couldn't resist any longer. Its a beautiful pastel milky pink and its such a subtle colour whilst still looking pretty I imagine this being perfect if you work in an office or something. 

Now its pretty clear here that I love pastel colours or anything with a milky colour to it. I am really not one for bright neon shades as I just dont feel myself when I have a really bright colour on my nails which I know sounds silly but we all have our comfort zones and pretty pastels are definitely in mine. 
So I hope you liked my top 5 shades and I would love to know yours.
Rebecca Warriner