Obsessive Organiser

Something slightly different today from my usual beauty ramblings. If you know me in real life or have just followed me for a very long time you will know this but I am literally obsessed with being organised. I even did an entire photographic book called 'The A-Z of Things Organised Neatly'. Sadly this isn't something that has just come out of no where my whole family is like this too so let me begin. During university I would literally make hundreds and hundreds of lists of things to do or things I wanted to do buy literally anything I could think of would be written in a list. Now onto what the point of this post I thought I would share some tips that could be helpful to some of you less organised people:

  • Lists: If there is one thing you want to do to stay organised is just make lists or just write things down. It is a fact that if you write things down then you are more likely to do them. I tend to write my lists in a certain order of what needs doing first. As you can see above I like to write down what I want to blog about so this way I dont think about things and then just forget about them.  
  • Plan: Now this is definitely not for everybody in fact my man friend Sam absolutely hates planning and hates me sometimes for how much I like to plan things. But by planning certain things you have some sort  of idea what you are likely to be doing. I am trying to get out this habit but if you lead a rather messy lifestyle this might help.
  • Keep it clean: This is more for people who tend to work at a desk a lot like I do well I say desk I mean my dressing table. There is nothing worse than sitting down at a desk that is a complete tip. Same goes for your own personal space like your bedroom or wherever you spend most of your time. I am a firm believer that a messy room does nothing from productivity or creativity. 
  • Break it down: If you have a big task to do for me this is trying to sort myself a website out break it down. Big tasks like this aren't particularly hard but time consuming and can seem like an absolute mountain unless they are broken down into sections. 
So I think thats all the tips I can give. I know this post might not be for everyone but I hope someone out there found it helpful. 
P.S You  might have noticed that my blog has had a little bit of a makeover so let me know what you think :)
Rebecca Warriner