Fancy Footwork

Soap & Glory Hell Genius £5.50
The topic of feet isn't the most popular is it now? But hey we all have them so we may as well take care of them.I can't believe I am going to divulge this on the internet but I get quite dry feet and I think this because I live in ballet flats pretty much all year round its rare that I wear boots even though I live in England and its raining about 70% of the time. So when I came home to my sisters stock of moisturisers and saw this and thought I would give it a go. I am big lover of the S&G Hand Food so I thought this might be in a similar vein and I was right. Its a lovely consistency and it is also a pretty blue almost gel like texture. It isn't greasy in the slightest so it doesn't mean that you have to sit there waiting for it to sink in. Even on holiday when my feet were taking the biggest exfoliation of their life and probably being burnt from the red hot sand I have been left with lovely soft tootsies. So I am really impressed with this foot cream and you get a lot of product for your money so definitely worth a look :) 

Rebecca Warriner