The Dr Jart BB Cream

Dr Jart BB Cream £18

The plethora of BB creams available in the UK now is pretty terrifying if you don't know what your looking for or which one will work for you. The hype around the Dr Jart BB Cream's caught my eye when bloggers were babbling on about them like there was no tomorrow. The reason why I purchased this is because I was going on holiday and I knew my face would tan but I didn't want to faff around with shades or anything heavy so I thought what better than to dip my toe into the BB cream pond.

This is a water infused balm which is great for oily skin as it soaks up the extra sebium that my skin produces so it has skincare benefits as well as acting like a foundation. I absolutely love the coverage that this gives me it really reminds me of my MAC Studio Sculpt as I get a beautiful coverage whilst still looking natural and fresh. I do powder this to help it stay longer and that is my base done for the day. It contains quite a high SPF which is perfect for the daytime as I do like to use a sun protection everyday as I don't want my scars to get worse. I also found that this product doesn't aggraviate my skin in the slightest which I find with most foundations is that they really aggraviate breakouts but I find this quite calming. This is a one shade suits everyone kinda product as it comes out a grey colour and then you buff it in and it matches to your skin and I find that it does this perfectly now I don't know how well this may work out darker skin tones. So enough talking but I definitely give this product my seal of approval and something that will definitely be in my August favourites. 
So have you tried any BB creams if so whats your favourite?
Rebecca Warriner