My favourite magazines.

L-R Material Girl £6.50, Oh Comely £4, Elle £3.70 and Lula £8. 

During my photography degree I had my eyes opened to the vast selection of magazines available. I could easily spend all the money I have on magazines when I am in London (Wardour news is my particular favourite) but for now I have a select few that I will always try to pick up funds allowing. Some of you may know that I made my own magazines for my final major project so the magazine world is something that I am really familiar with and I have even been lucky enough to visit Cosmopolitan and Oh Comely. I believe the point when I got really into magazines was during my second year of university when we had to create a magazine. There was just something about creating a magazine that really got me driven and it went from there really. So today I thought I would show you my favourites:
  • Material Girl: This is a magazine that I came across in Magma when I was in London with Sam around two years ago now. Its an Austrian magazine which means you can't actually read a lot of it but the layout of the magazine is incredible as is the photography. Possibly my favourite thing about this magazine is the design as well of obviously the content I just feel that it flows very well. As it's a lifestyle magazine it contains a little bit of everything which is probably why I like it so much. It is pretty reasonably priced for a niche magazine at £6.50 as some magazines can go up to the likes of £30. 
  • Oh Comely: I have to admit I have a huge soft spot for Oh Comely. I think I was first introduced to the magazine by my lovely friend David who has actually gone onto have a few features in the magazine. Oh Comely is a British magazine and is based in London. Again it is a lifestyle magazine and I find that it has such a cultured view on pretty much all aspects on the features that we have so it makes it a lot different to most magazines. Now I did have the pleasure of actually going to the Oh Comely office for a chat with the editor around 2 months ago now and the office and the people who work there are everything you would imagine you are a reader. I love reading Oh Comely as I find it so easy to read as well as visually pleasing to the eyes. Also at £4 why wouldn't you pick this up?
  • Elle: I have a slightly confession to make I really am not a fan of 'main steam' magazines I find they all churn out the same kind of features. However I think Elle is the exception to the rule as I generally really enjoy reading it when I pick it up. This isn't a magazine that I pick up every month and I don't know why as I do think it has strong content. You also get quite a lot for your money although half the magazine is packed with adverts like a lot of high end magazines which is a pain but hey its how it pays the bills. This is the cheapest magazine out of my favourites too at £3.70 and available pretty much anywhere. 
  • Lula: I don't even know where to begin with Lula magazine. It is without a doubt my favourite magazine ever even though it is a right pain in the bum to get hold of. I discovered this back in 2009 and have been obsessed ever since. It is just such a beautiful magazine I really can't describe the photographs are always incredible and they always have a feature from Ellen Von Unwerth who is my all time favourite photographer. You really have to look at Lula to understand my obsession also if you are a graphic designer the typography is a treat to look at.
So there we go my favourite magazines! I know this is quite different from my usual ramblings so I hope this was enjoyable and maybe you might take a peek at these magazines as they are well worth the money. Just a quick note to add Material Girl and Lula can be found online or mainly in London in newsagents such as Wardour news and Oh Comely and Elle are available in WHSmiths. I do love a lot more magazines than just these 4 but these are my favourites so if you want to know more just ask down below :)
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