Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

                                                      Estee Lauder ANR £58
Where do I even begin with this review? Of course is there really any need for introduction you all know what I am talking about. ANR has a huge following in the beauty community and out and I can truly see why. I picked this up just under a month ago now as a treat to myself for getting a 1st in my photography degree. I had been eyeing up for so long and finally took the plunge and I am so glad I did. To be put this simply this is a repairing night serum and is apparently popular with older ladies who have the skin of teenagers after using this for years. It has an element in it that is meant to help repair the skin from scars from past blemishes, uneven skin tone gives a good dose of hydration.

The reason why I wanted to pick this up so badly is to repair the scarring on my chin. After using it for just a month I have noticed a huge difference in the scars. They are no longer so red and prominent but are now very fading and very close to be completely gone. Now I really don't know about the science about this product but I can tell you what it is doing my skin and how I use it. As this is a serum I was a little scared as my skin is more on the oily skin especially now its 'summer' and I didn't want to put anything heavy on to my skin. I use this after using my Liz Earle skin tonic and before applying my Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser. Now I know some people just apply this and leave it at but I like moisturiser at night and I dont mind looking a little greasy as no one sees me at night. I use this every night and I have noticed a huge difference in my general complexion I feel that it is brighter, tighter and clearer. It works so well on breakouts and general skin problems for example I had burnt my nose a little bit and the redness was gone overnight.

I really don't like to recommend skin care but I do think this is worth giving a try as I don't think I have heard anyone say that they don't like it. So let me know your thoughts on this product whether you like it or not I would to know :) 

Rebecca Warriner