The In & Out Post #1

I thought I would try something new today on the blog that I might do once a month called the 'In & Out post' basically just a collection of things that are either in or out for me.
So lets begin with whats in for me: 
Tattoo's: I am finally getting the top of my arm tattooed in a couple of weeks after two years of starting it.
Autumn: Probably my favourite season, after all what kind of summer have we had? 
Moving forward: Feeling ever slightly lost in my life at the moment so I can't wait to get a few things sorted.
Block colours: I have never been a print kinda girl so block colours are really drawing me in at the moment.
Eyebrows: A bit of a strange but nothing makes me happier than a good brow day.
Origins Skincare: If you read my post a couple of days ago you will know why.
Catching up: I see one of oldest friends quite a lot at the moment because I am back at home and this makes me very happy.
Now for whats out: 
Creepers: No comment needed I hate people who jump on the bandwagon.
Travelling: This is should make me happy and it does but I seem to spend half my life on trains that never run on time.
Unemployment: All I want is my dream job so I better keep on dreaming eh.
Spots: These will never be in.
Negativity: Trying to teach this lesson to myself theres no reason to be negative there is always something worse that could happen.
Peeling Skin: I currently feel like a snake. 
Being a graduate: This makes me so sad all I want to do is be going back to uni but hey ho onto adult life.

So I think thats everything really I don't want to sound like a negative nancy as I hate doing that! I hope this is something that you enjoyed so let me know and it might be something I might do again? :) Also these two pictures were taken my lovely boy you should check out his website here
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