Jumping on the Bioderma Bandwagon

Bioderma Sebium h20 via ebay £13

Does this post really need an introduction? I managed to constrain myself and not purchase the Bioderma for quite a while but before I went away I caved and purchased it. Now you may be thinking hang on doesn't Bioderma have a red lid? Well my skincare friends this is Bioderma Sebium h20 solution and this is targeted toward oily/combination skin. I use this as a make up remover how not on eyes as it is not suitable for that and does sting quite a bit (I learnt the hard way). This removes make up beautifully and leaves my skin clean and also really soft now it is a water cleanser so sometimes when I am feeling a bit lazy, I just use this instead of Liz Earle C&P and I find that it leaves my skin clean and ready for make up. The reason why I picked this is up is because the Sebium solution and this from what I understand stops your skin from making excess oil so all in all less oily skin.

I really do think this product deserves all the hype that surrounds it. Although it is a bit of pain to get hold of as you have to order it from eBay that doesn't bother me too much as I think the product is worth it. I think once my skin gets into a little more normal state I will try the original.
So have you tried Bioderma? Let me know what you think.
Rebecca Warriner