A few of my favourite things in...August

I am really rubbish at these favourites, damn being loyal to your products. However there a few new additions to the list so lets begin:

  • Dr Jart BB Cream: I did an entire review on this and I am still really enjoying it as I am too tanned for any of my foundation still. It is so just covering yet contains lots of skincare benefits too! 
  • Bioderma Sebium h20: I just did a post of this but I have used this every single day of the month so it is definitely a firm favourite of mine this month and probably many months to come. 
  • Garnier Summer Body: Yes I smell like a malted milk when I use this but it gives me a really nice colour and it is keeping me lovely and tanned. 
  • Topshop Cream Blushes: I have two of these now and I have used them so much they are just so pretty and packaging is beautiful!
  • Balmi Lip balm: I picked this up on a bit of whim after seeing lots of reviews and I love it! Its probably the most moisturising balm I have used in a while and its really convient when on the go.
  • Origins Super Spot Remover: Basically this a wonder product I don't know how it does it but its seriously helping my skin.
  • MAC Quad: Not a favourite because of the eyeshadows just a favourite because its finally full! 
So thats my favourites for the month! Not too much there but a few new items. I would love to know your favourites for last month :) 
P.S I am also having a huge clear out on my eBay so check it out as there is lots of bargains on there :) 

Rebecca Warriner