Battling those Brows!

I am a huge brow girl, I think they completely shape my face and complete my entire make up routine. Up until last year I never filled in my brows and since day 1 I have never looked bad. I am quite blessed with brows as they are quite thick and keep their shape well but I have a few things that I do to keep them in shape.

First of all I brush through my brows with a spoolie and brush them upwards. I then go onto to trim them with these little scissors because if they get too long thats when I start to resemble a crazy bush brow lady. I then go onto to tweeze them with my beloved Tweezerman's, these are without a doubt the best tweezers that I have ever used and even after a year they are still so sharp and precise that I get even the little hairs. 

So thats how I whip my brows into shape. What do you do with yours?

Rebecca Warriner