What I'm Wearing #1

So today I am going to my old university to give a talk to the first years a long with some fellow graduates. So instead of posing awkwardly for a photo I thought I would lay it out nicely here. I am pretty much the queen of block colours and it a rare that I will wear a pattern, texture yes but pattern no so the scarf is a bit of a wild card for me but perfect for autumn. 

Black bottoms are a staple for me and something that goes with anything in my wardrobe and I recently picked up some Zara skinny jeans which I think have taken over the Topshop leigh jeans as my favourite. Shoe wise I thought I would give my new boots a trip out as its not going to be warm at 7 in the morning. Jacket wise of course I am wearing my faux leather jacket which I picked up in Dorothy Perkins last year and worn pretty much everyday since but I am on the hunt for the new one. With all that black I thought a nice white camisole would look cute and soften up the outfit slightly. Finally my bag of choice is the Mulberry Baywater and no before you all think hang on a minute aren't you broke well yes I am but I also have a sister with a bag obsession so I always steal this one. 

Its rare I do style posts but I quite enjoyed putting this one together so let me know if you enjoyed it :) 
Rebecca WarrinerStyle