My Everyday Face #1

I am a slight creature of habit when it comes to my make up and if I find something that works for me I will stick with it. So first up is my base and this has barely changed in the last few months now, I start with the Garnier Eye Roll On and I just sweep this under my eyes and to be honest my dark circles are pretty non existent anymore so I dont need to much coverage and I dont find this creases. I then go onto to apply the Dr Jart BB Cream and the MAC Studio Sculpt and I am currently mixing them and I really like the results that it is giving me and the bb cream is now a little dark for me so when mixed with my regular foundation it is gives a gorgeous base. To cover any blemishes I have I use the Collection concealer which I am nearly on my fourth tube of the stuff so I think thats some dedication to a product. Finally I powder so I am a big fan of the natural glow but I do find I need to powder just to settle everything and then my natural oils shine through.

I then fill in my brows with MAC 'Mystery' shadow and then set them with what was the clear mascara from MUA but mine has clearly seen better days. Now most days I skip eye shadow but I am going out somewhere I just normally sweep 'Naked Lunch' all over the lid and I am done. Then for lashes I use a combination of two favourites, the L'oreal telescopic just wasn't cutting it for me anymore so I added the Rimmel Lash accelerator into the mix and I love the combination of the two. Finally just a little bit of blush to finish of and I am currently using the Topshop cream blushes in 'Head Over Heels' or 'Flush'.

I know this really isn't very exciting but most days I don't do that much expect walk my dog and lets face it she does not care about what I look like. 
I hope you enjoyed this and I may do another one soon as this is going to change as soon I will be working full time in a school.
Let me know :) 
Rebecca Warriner