Taming your Talons

I am a bit of an obsessive nail painter so this means that my nails can become quite dry and flaky. So I really like to take care of my nails and this is how I do so.

First of all I will take all of my current nail polish off and for that I use the Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover and not only is this quicker it also leaves my nails smelling lovely. I will then use a cuticle remover and I have gone through quite a few cheap ones but I have to say this stuff is amazing it makes it so easy to push my cuticles back and get rid of any nasties that may be lurking. I then go onto use a cuticle oil to make sure they are nice and nourished and for that I use the Essie cuticle oil which comes in a really handy little squeeze tube which is nice if I just want to sling it in my bag. Finally I will use a layer of the Essie Rock Solid treatment as a base coat, I was using the OPI Nail Envy but I ran out of that so I thought I would give this a go. Its definitely not as good as the nail envy but it will do for the mean while.
Rebecca Warriner