Current Cravings #21

Flippy dress, Nixon Watch, MAC Lip Liner, Mulberry iPad case, Bralet,Loafers. 
  • Dresses in this style always catch my eye because they are so simply flattering and easy to throw on for work. 
  • I already own a beautiful watch that was my finishing university present from my Dad but this number from Nixon is something I am lusting over. 
  • As of late something strange has come over me and I can't stop wearing a bold lip so I think a red lip liner is something that I need to invest in. 
  • This Mulberry iPad case is something I need to keep dreaming about as its not going to be mine anytime soon. 
  • A bralet is probably something a little strange to share on the internet but they are my favourite type of lingerie. 
  • To say I need a new pair of brown shoes but be an understatement my current pair have holes in but I still wear them so I think it might be time to invest in a new pair. 
Rebecca Warriner